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Giving 1-on-1 attention to you, taking the time you need to identify your health goals and risks and customize a plan with the aim of prevention, considering your current lifestyle.


Providing optimal care to you as a unique individual. 

Protecting your most personal information- about your health, your family's health, and your genetic code.

Proactively addressing your health concerns and risks- not waiting around for something bad to happen to you. 

Doing our very best to keep you out of hospital. After 20+ years as an "insider", I will go to GREAT lengths to avoid hospitalization and will help you do the same.

Being available to you when you need us.


Making sure you get the VERY BEST care available.  

"My husband was in very poor health and his doctors basically said there was not much else they could do. While visiting, Julianna asked what was being done about his cirrhosis? My husband had never been diagnosed with any type of liver problems, much less cirrhosis. She encouraged me to talk with our doctors right away.  With this information, I was able to get our doctors to recognize this serious problem and thankfully it was not too late. We were able to turn his health around enjoy several more years together.  Julianna saved his life when other doctors simply dismissed his symptoms."

Wife and CEO

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